Advertise with Daventry Squash Club

Why would I want to do this?

1.To support your club. Other people have put in time and effort for nothing to develop this site and run the club - now's your chance to help out too.

2. If you've got a website - the more links you have to your site, the higher your 'Google rank' is.

3. You might just get some business out of it.

4. It's cheap. The fees go to the hosting and running of the club website.

5. It helps our club succeed. Very few clubs are surviving these days and DSC is one of the only clubs in the area with a thriving and even expanding membership base.

6. Because you are a nice person. (Well not necessarily so, but it might just give you a warm fuzzy feeling).

Great, I like it; where do I sign?

We're still formulating our pricing structure, but for a fixed annual price you'll get a main banner and a smaller banner (on the right of pages). These will display randomly when a page is loaded. If you are a member of the club you'll also get a listing in the member links page. Premium sponsors will get a fixed banner on specific pages. If you are a kit supplier online we can also offer a whole page on our shopping pages. 

I've read this far and I'm still interested

Great, we need your company logo, website address and any other detail - (we can usually take a lot of this from your website). Let us know what you want on your banner. (we reserve the right to refuse inappropriate and dodgy content). Email it all to the Webmaster then we'll take it from there.

Thanks for reading.