Membership application

For all new membership applications please complete the following form and return it F.A.O. the membership secretary at and then arrange your payments as below.


Online banking (Prefered method of payment)

To pay via online banking you will need to set up a payment through your internet banking facility.

Step 1 – Please make your surety payment directly to the Bank Account as soon as possible.

Our account name is Daventry Squash
Our account number is 61438085
The sort code is 40 19 07
You will need to provide us with a reference so we know who you are,
please use your XML2010 User name i.e. first 3 letters of surname
followed by first 3 letters of first name. e.g. John Smith becomes

Step 2 – Please set up a monthly standing order starting on 1st Oc October 2014, bank details as above don’t forget to provide your reference eg SMIJOH

Enquiries? Use our contact> form.